What Is the Best Trampoline for Adults and Kids? updated for 2022

One of the most exhilarating ways to get some exercise in your backyard is by using a top-quality trampoline under proper supervision. We have spent a significant amount of time evaluating value, safety features, maintenance, and ease of setup while researching the best trampolines.

This article explores some of the best trampolines on the market and highlights their features, including trampoline surface, jumping space, and weight limit. By the end of the piece, you will have a clear understanding of each product and will be able to make a wise decision when looking to purchase a trampoline.

Before getting into our list of favorite trampolines for adults and kids, we think it’s relevant to discuss what to look for in a trampoline. It is time to begin one of the most in-depth trampoline reviews online!

What to Look for in a Trampoline and Jumping Mat


Most trampolines come in either rectangular or round configurations, even though square or octagon trampolines are less common. Since the spring around the perimeter is active, round trampolines are the best choice for recreational users. It is that basketball hoop shape that gives you the ability to fix a safety net around the trampoline frame.

The round shape pulls you toward the center as you jump and is also one of the styles safest for children. In most cases, gymnasts will want to choose rectangle trampolines because it allows for greater rebound control due to having more bounce. All the springs will not be engaged simultaneously when jumping on the elongated surface.


Before buying your trampoline mat, it’s crucial to determine how many people you expect to use it and how much space you have at home. Opting for a compact backyard trampoline may be the best idea if you are a solo jumper.

These small trampolines are generally three feet or less in diameter, meaning they are easy to store and can be used anywhere. Another awesome thing about these models is that they can be kept in the shed or closest when you are not utilizing them. It is also possible to easily transport these trampolines from room to room (or outdoors to indoors) due to their lightweight.

If you are interested in a giant trampoline, you will usually have to select a size ranging from eight feet to around 18 feet. It’s crucial to remember that the overall jumping surface will be less than its overall dimension because the trampoline is measured from frame to frame. You can maximize the surface area while using less square footage in your yard by purchasing square and rectangle trampolines.


When choosing a trampoline that includes appropriate safety features, you avoid a jumping disaster. You should consider a model with a safety net enclosure if you want to prevent bouncing over the edge.

These safety features will also prevent you from getting pinched if you land on the springs. In contrast, covers are placed outside the perimeter of the springs, including a padded cover to protect toes and fingers.

If you are keen on purchasing a mini trampoline, keep the jumper centered over the trampoline jump mat and look for a handrail that will provide extra stability.

Other than a safety net enclosure to ensure protection, there are many safety accessories you can look for when buying a trampoline. There are models with high-quality protective poles that can assist in preventing dangerous accidents. Investing in a good-quality jumping mat should help you remove any hard edges on the jumping surface of square and rectangular trampolines.

Our Favorite Trampolines

We will highlight some of our favorite trampolines and the market in the following few sections. You will discover everything from the Springfree trampoline, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, and much more.

Zupapa Trampoline for Kids – 10 Feet


  • Hands and feet do not get stuck because these trampolines have no gap design
  • This product has been certified by ASTM and TUV, an internationally accredited testing company
  • You get more bounce from this product due to an additional 12 springs


  • It can be challenging to assemble this model and, in most cases, requires two people
  • Safety net poles tend to bend easily

Safety is one of the critical things when looking to buy a trampoline for your kids. Even though the primary purchase factor will be fun, looking past your child’s safety could be catastrophic This basketball hoop style trampoline with a safety net enclosure is perfect for your child no matter their stature.

The Zupapa trampoline is an excellent buy for families because it is tested and built to exceed ASTM and TUV safety regulations. You can purchase this trampoline in 15, 14, 12, and 10-foot uniquely designed sizes.

Each model comes with a padded spring cover and jumping mat, eliminating any space for feet or hands to get trapped. You will find an additional trampoline net enclosure securely attached underneath the jumping surface.

This trampoline is an excellent choice if you are searching for a trampoline for kids that can support teens or multiple jumpers. The 15, 14, and 12 models support an impressive 425 lbs, while the 10-foot round trampoline holds 350 lbs.

Irrespective of the size you select, kids of all ages will be able to bounce due to the seven-inch springs included with this product. This is the best outdoor trampoline for children, in our opinion.

Giantex Trampoline Including Safety Enclosure


  • Suitable for use by adults and children
  • All critical components included


  • There is less bounce because there are fewer springs on this model.

People love this budget trampoline from Giantex for its excellent price and stable build. It is available in 16, 15, 14, and 10-foot diameters, making it a perfect option for any size backyard. This trampoline provides you will stable and simple opportunities for jumping at home.

While it may lack innovative design features or the superior bounce of higher quality models, this affordable trampoline offers plenty of fun for adults, teens, and children. Something worth mentioning is that depending on the trampoline size, it has a generous weight limit.

Even though there are fewer springs than you will find in trampolines of the same size, the 14-foot model has 80, and the 10-foot model has 60. When it comes to recreational usage, you will find that this trampoline is on par with more prominent fitness trampolines.

The perimeter springs are covered by padding to prevent pinching, plus a safety net enclosure with covered support poles comes with the package. This is definitely one of the safest trampolines on this list.

ACon Air 16 Sport Trampoline


  • No single jumper weight limit
  • Warranty on mats, springs, and frame


  • Expensive compared to other models

ACon manufactures trampolines suited for everyone and has exceptional build quality. Even though many backyard trampolines have weight limits that restructure their use for children, this model caters to everyone.

What’s great about this durable, springy model is that any person can jump freely on it because the ACon Air 16 Sport has no single user weight limit. Thanks to 140 galvanized steel springs along the perimeter of this rectangle trampoline, these products are frequently praised for their exceptional bounce.

There is plenty of bounce and surface area without the fear of damaging the structure or bottoming out.

Investing in these backyard trampolines is worth the premium price because ACon has built its trampolines to last. This model is awesome because the galvanized steel frame is supported by a 10-year warranty, while the spring and polypropylene mat have a five-year guarantee.

Another great thing about the ACon is that all parts are replaceable, meaning the longevity you get out of this trampoline compared to others is exceptional. If you want to purchase a trampoline that will last you a lifetime and outperforms other light-duty models, choose the ACon Air 16 Sport trampoline.

Springfree Trampolines – Large Square


  • There is no risk of being pinched because of the springless design
  • Impressive 10-year warranty on all components
  • Smaller footprint with more jumping area


  • More expensive than other models
  • 220 lbs are the individual jumper weight

Springfree trampolines are innovative products that people around the globe love. Instead of conventional springs, it comes with a system that relies on flexible composite rods to control the jumping space.

Due to this design, the fear of having your toes or fingers pinched is eliminated. In addition, the hard edges of the jumping surface are also removed with the help of SoftEdge padding.

Combining these features translate into a significantly usable jumping surface. It has the equivalent surface area of a 14-foot square trampoline with conventional springs, even though it is a giant 11-foot square trampoline.

Besides its spring design, one of the primary things this trampoline stands out for is its sturdy enclosure. The taut mesh gently guides jumpers back to the center of the mat and has no metal poles to cause injury. It offers one of the best warranties on the market, even though the Springfree trampolines considering it is a more considerable investment than many other models on the market.

Choose this trampoline if you want a family-friendly trampoline that will stand up to years of use. Keep in mind that the individual jumper weight rating is 220 lbs for this trampoline, meaning people weighing more than that risk bottoming out.

In order to avoid injury, the manufacturer only recommends solo jumping and using the provided safety net.

Likes Tikes Three Foot Round Trampoline


  • Spring free design eliminates pinching
  • Balance bar helps to stabilize young children


  • Dimensions are not safe for children older than toddler age
  • The balance bar doesn’t fold for storage

You can surprise your kid with the gift of bounce with this small toddler trampoline. There is no chance your child’s fingers or toes can be pinched in the perimeter springs because this Little Tikes basketball hoop trampoline is spring free and has a three-foot diameter.

Instead, children weighing up to 55 lbs can use robust elastic bands to give them plenty of bounce, and young kids can steady themselves with the convenient balance bar.

This trampoline makes a great addition to a child’s playroom or bedroom due to its small dimensions. What’s great about this trampoline is that it is portable enough to be taken outside on a sunny afternoon.

It can be an excellent outlet for energy and a great introduction to bouncing, even though your toddler may outgrow this trampoline. Studies have shown that bouncing on a mini-trampoline improves the mobility and balance of growing children.

JumpSport – The Fitness Trampoline


  • The bungee system provides smoother, quieter bouncing
  • Arched legs provide better tipping resistance


  • Limited trial access to online workout videos
  • No balance bar for stability

People love using trampolines for outdoor training sessions or in a home gym, and rightfully so. This fitness trampoline perfectly fits the above criteria and can help you achieve your desired weight loss results. The JumpSport 250 features make it ideal for rebound routines even though it may look similar to standard mini-trampolines.

Helping to reduce the risk that the trampoline falls over during a workout is a 39-inch frame with arched legs for additional stability. Heavy-duty elastic cords pose no risk of pinching your toes during an exercise and produce a smoother bounce than traditional steel springs.

Remember how steel springs squeak when in use? Well, with this bungee system, that is a thing of the past.

The JumpSport 250 can be used for trampoline-specific fitness routines or basic bouncing, depending on how you feel. Its package includes 60-day access to the company’s online workout videos and a workout DVD. This great trampoline is an excellent option if you are looking for a compact trampoline for fitness.

Upper Bounce – 17 Foot Rectangular Trampoline


  • A rectangular jumping mat means a larger bounce surface
  • Generous 500 lbs weight limit


  • Requires a large dedicated area for set up
  • Limited warranty period

If you want to make a statement and go big, buying the Upper Bounce trampoline is the way to go. There is plenty of space for gymnastics, tumbling, and jumping due to an impressive mat that is 186 inches long.

This sizeable rectangle trampoline offers excellent bounce across its surface area, even though around the trampoline has the best stability once at the center of the mat. A 500 lbs weight capacity and five support legs also mean that this model can easily carry adults, teens, and multiple children.

Families with more than one child who wants to jump simultaneously prefer more significant trampolines like this one. The larger footprint of this trampoline is also substantial for people who are working on advanced maneuvers or tricks.

It is worth noting that there is a safety net in place that covers the spring perimeter, meaning jumpers will be protected from landing on the springs, leading to injury.

Giantex Kids Trampoline – Seven Foot


  • Generous 220 lbs weight limit
  • Low profile frame


  • If you are a heavier jumper, you may risk bottoming out

No matter what the weather is outside, an indoor trampoline allows your kids to have a good time and burn some energy while they are doing it. The Giantex seven-foot kids’ trampoline features a lower profile that makes it suitable for indoor use and provides plenty of room for bouncing. It is smaller than your average backyard trampoline, but that doesn’t mean your children won’t have a lot of fun on it.

This trampoline is the perfect option if you want to use it in your kid’s playroom or the basement.

With a stable alloy steel frame and an 83-inch diameter, this model can support 220 lbs. It is sturdy enough to support teens or older children, but be mindful of the ceiling height with advanced jumpers. If extra protection is a priority, you will be happy to know that a safety enclosure is included in the package.

Small enough to fit inside and big enough to be fun, this trampoline is an excellent choice for indoor jumping, thanks to its generous weight limit and low profile.

How We Select Our Best Trampolines

Before purchasing a new trampoline, here are some of the most important things we consider. We compared and reviewed features to ensure that the one we were buying was the correct model.

You probably already know this, but there is a significant trampoline size range. Six to 17 feet is the average diameter of most home use trampolines. We wanted the most bang for our buck, so we first had to measure the available space in our backyard. Of course, we ensured ample space around all areas of the trampoline.

We could not cram a 17-foot trampoline into the area with the small space we had available. A good rule of thumb is that you require at least five to nine feet of clearance of all corners of the trampoline. Moreover, if head clearance is an issue, you may want at least 25 feet of vertical clearance above you.

We checked for impediments, power lines, poles, fences, and buildings when determining which size was best for our yard. It’s important to note that there are smaller sizes that can fit in limited space, but you need to ensure the model and size of the trampoline you choose is relevant to your family’s usage.

What Is the Best Trampoline Shape?

Trampolines come in four basic geometric designs, and each comes with its different shape and strengths. Below we list these shapes to determine what distinct uses these trampolines are for.

Round Trampolines

This round trampoline is where you will find top safety features matched with exceptional value for money. One of the most common reasons these trampolines are sold is for conventional backyard recreation. Some people say this shape is more robust and more durable, but this is something that experts question.

However, the shape does require that there are fewer support poles in its design. It can be lightweight and still maintain its strength because the frame equally absorbs the force of the jump around the perimeter. Some folk questions whether the above makes a meaningful difference in performance and cost.

It is well known that the circular shape has less bounce and helps direct the user to the center of the surface no matter where the person is jumping on the pad. That makes this trampoline shape perfect for less experienced and younger users.

This trampoline is best suited for those learning how to use a trampoline and lighter-weight individuals because it accommodates less force and weight.

Some of the most common sizes available are 16, 15, 14, 12, 10, and eight-foot. The 10 and eight-foot sizes are not as exciting as the more significant models. On the other hand, the 15 and 16 models are perfect for kids because they provide more margin for error.

Kids must stay in the center of this type of trampoline while jumping. They will avoid injury because jumping like this will protect them from the inevitable stumble and fall against the springs.

Rectangular Trampolines

A rectangular trampoline is a perfect selection for competitions and professionals. The landing is soft because this shape absorbs more of the jumper’s force and has a higher bounce.

No matter where the jumper stands on the mat, the spring acts independently as a contained stable lift-off. These models are more expensive to build, requiring more fasteners and support than circular trampolines. Go out, check out some YouTube videos, and witness how high some competitive jumpers can reach. It is shockingly scary!

What Is the Best Rectangle Trampoline on the Market? man in white t-shirt and blue and white plaid shorts sitting on blue metal bench

Square Backyard Trampolines

If you want to splurge a little, check out square backyard trampolines. There aren’t many square models on the market, but that is not surprising. The positive features of the rectangular and round shapes are combined in square trampolines.

A square trampoline has a higher bounce than the round version but will have a similar jumping surface to the circular trampoline. However, what’s incredible about square trampolines is that they provide the same safety as their round counterparts. The shape of these models tends to direct the jumper to the center of the surface area.

Another awesome thing about this shape is that it takes up much less space than a rectangle trampoline. That means it is suitable for people who don’t have a lot of space at home but still want to practice jumping. This square shape fits excellently into small spaces with the limited wasted ground area.

The square shape and diagonal distance between corners generally provide 20 percent more usable space than a circular trampoline. In the end, this shape did not fit into our backyard, so we continued to look for the perfect one.

Octagon Trampoline

One thing that we noticed is that there are hardly any octagon trampolines on the market. An octagonal model is similar to the round counterpart with comparable space constraints. However, the user will achieve a somewhat higher bounce than the round-shaped trampoline because of the straight edge design.

This shape came across as more of a novel than anything else. Compared to the usable surface of a round trampoline, some of the oval trampolines we found has a significantly larger surface area.

While maintaining the self-centering features of the round-shaped trampolines, the user has broader jumper space from one side to the other. It takes extra effort to obtain a big bounce with the oval units, as with all large trampolines.

We decide to go with the round one after examining all the shapes available on the market. The quality and safety we prominent factors that came into play here, but we will get into that later.

Ignore the Weight Limits and Suffer the Consequence

If you want us to be honest, some of the models on this list are rather beefy, but people still see their feet sliding through the side of the jumping mat. What is the reason for this, you ask?

You see, trampolines have guidelines that are imperative to the safety of their users, and one of these is a specific weight limit. We found all this information either specified in the owner’s manuals or online product descriptions.

Even though we only planned to have a single person jump at a time, some of our friends were over 200 lbs. We wanted to make sure that there was plenty of room to accommodate everyone.

yellow car on black asphalt road during daytime

Frame Construction

There are hardly any injuries related to the frame of your jumping mat or trampoline. The only time someone could be injured due to the structure is if they overload the trampoline with too many people.

In all the years we have been in the sport, we have never heard of someone being injured by a trampoline frame. In most cases, the metal frame or galvanized steel frame comes with simple instructions on how to assemble it.

If you follow the guidelines the manufacturer set out for you, the trampoline frame will be built quickly. Most trampoline frames are made from tubular steel, which is lightweight and durable.

Another thing is that most are galvanized when constructed so that your outdoor trampoline has a long life and is rust-resistant.

Spring Count and Specifications

Springs seem like a less vital aspect from a safety standpoint. After all, have you ever seen springs snapping or breaking? The number of springs, the length of the spring, and the gauge of the metal used are all integral parts of the trampoline bounce.

Each model mentioned earlier includes galvanized steel and heavy gauge rust resistance. The style and manufacturers determine the number of springs used on a particular model.

If you want a higher jump, it would be recommended to look for a model with a higher number of springs, such as Skywalker Trampolines. In addition, if you are looking for more bounce, a longer spring length will also come in handy.

Safety Padding

We wanted something that would prevent us from getting our feet struck by the springs, and that’s why we decided to pay the padding close attention. The spring padding and jumping mat on most brands are constructed from smooth and long-lasting materials.

Mats like the ones of Skywalker trampolines are built to withstand years of exposure to the elements and are UV resistant. These models typically have a UV resistance reinforcing layer of fabric around the perimeter and are made from woven polypropylene to extend the mat’s life.

In our experience, spring padding mainly protects the user from hurting themselves on the trampoline springs, and the padding is a secondary solution. Either way, most models are covered with UV-resistant polyester or vinyl and are made from high-density foam.

Trampoline Safety Accessories

We instinctively imagine we would be purchasing a trampoline and nothing else when we were planning to drop some hard-earned cash on a recreational trampoline. It wasn’t very long until we learned that we required extra if we wanted to be safe while using our jumping mat.

Most trampolines did not come with jumping accessories, even though some did. These items are indispensable to protect our loved ones even though they were not completely necessary for the operation of the trampoline.

The Safety Enclosure

The American Academy of Pediatrics wrote an article on trampoline safety. Everyone who has searched trampoline safety has come across this piece at one stage or another, and we were no exception!

This report suggests that around 35 percent of all trampoline-related injuries involved the person falling from the jumping surface. With this information in mind, it may be good to put a safety net on the top of your list of must-haves.

Since roughly 2012, 80% of trampolines now include a safety enclosure as an industry standard.

If you want to prevent falls from the trampoline, a safety enclosure is an essential piece of equipment. There are several things we wanted in our safety enclosure:

  • An overlapping doorway
  • The top strap should have a minimum burst strength of 1500lbs and be woven around the upper perimeter of the netting
  • A system that wrapped to the support poles with the rods well-cushioned.
  • The net must be securely attached to the poles at all points with high strength strapping and an interwoven shock cord

Where Is the Ladder?

If you have a toddler, you may consider purchasing a ladder. Ladders egress from the trampoline platform and make it easy to access. Moreover, children are kept from getting on the trampoline between uses because you can remove the ladder.

What About a Trampoline Anchor Kit?

When deciding on your favorite model, you may ask yourself, “Do I need a trampoline anchor kit?” If you are concerned about the wind, it may be good to invest in an anchor kit for your trampoline.

You will be able to secure your trampoline to the ground and avoid any unfortunate mishaps like it blowing over the wall or into your pool. It will also prevent the tipping over of the trampoline from over-excited bouncing.

A Lower Enclosure

Pets and people are prevented from going under the trampoline due to a lower enclosure. It also keeps debris, balls, and other objects accumulating under the jumping mat.

Animals and kids may be injured while the trampoline is used and they go underneath it. This should be a no-brainer for some people, and rightfully so. Safety is paramount for your family; purchasing these additional safety parts is essential.

What to Do Before Anyone Gets on Your Trampoline

  • Ensure that you have only attached manufacture approved accessories to the enclosure or trampoline
  • Do not exceed the maximum recommend weight no matter what
  • Remove the jump mat in bad weather conditions as it will quickly degrade the soft trampoline materials
  • Make sure that there is adequate lighting if you are jumping indoors
  • Ensure the trampoline is firmly secured to the ground
  • Always place your trampoline on a level surface to prevent it from tipping over
  • Clear the land underneath the trampoline of any object before jumping
  • Confirm that there is nothing above the trampoline that you or your friends could hit your head on
  • Ensure that the space around the trampoline mat is clear and free of any impediments
  • Replace defective, missing, or worn parts


A round trampoline may be the safest, but it does not give you the results you are after if you want to use it in a trick to dunk a basketball hoop. Keeping in mind the purpose of your purchase is a great way to get the best trampolines.

Considering things like a safety net, additional jump mat, and UV-resistant material are crucial if you want to buy a good product. If you wish for an indoor trampoline, kids trampoline, Springfree trampoline, fitness trampoline, or just a cheap trampoline to have fun with around the home, you can find one in this article.

Prevent trampoline injuries and enjoy the fun trampolines provide you with, no matter your age.