The 12 Best Toddler Trampoline Models in 2022

Parents seek mini trampolines for kids all the time, as they want to encourage fun and physical activity at the same time. While finding a kids trampoline for bigger kids isn’t too much of a chore, trying to decide on the best toddler trampoline is a different case.

There are concerns you need to make for safety features, sizing, and even location. If the designated space you’re setting up is outside, for example, then you’re likely going to be more interested in outdoor-rated trampolines.

Today, it’s all about guiding you through a collection of the 12 best trampolines you can find, while covering what makes each worthy of being on the list. In the end, there’s also a high-level buyer’s guide that you can use to help you focus on what’s important.

Comparison Table

Name Selling Point Usage

  1. LBLA 36″ Toddler Trampoline Best Overall Both
  2. The Original Toy Company Trampoline Best for Safety Indoor
  3. Pure Fun Kids Mini Jumper Best for Stability Both
  4. SportsPower BouncePro Trampoline Best Visual Appeal Both
  5. Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Best All-around Fun Outdoor
  6. Galt Nursery Trampoline Best for Kids under 3 Years Indoor
  7. Galt Junior Trampoline Best for Storage Both
  8. Langxun 5′ Trampoline Best Model with Safety Net Both
  9. Skybound Toddler Trampoline Best Flexibility/Rust Resistance Both
  10. Bazoongi Mini Handlebar Trampoline Best Height Adjustable Bar Both
  11. Little Tikes Toddler Trampoline Best for Younger Toddlers Indoor
  12. Jump2It Kids Double Trampoline Best Dual-user Design Indoor

1. LBLA 36″ Toddler Trampoline (Best Overall)

This is one of the best trampolines for a first-time experience if you’re just introducing your toddler to playing with these kinds of things. Nevertheless, it remains a great trampoline for kids even as they begin to transition out of the toddler stage. For reference, it’s suitable for kids ages 3 to 10 years old that weigh below 132 lbs.

Visually, it’s quite appealing to children, thanks to the outer space-themed design. There’s more than just aesthetic substance though as the sturdiness, affordability, safety, and material choices are also incredibly respectable.

For starters, the unit features a steel frame through and through and is wonderfully supported by six legs. It’s a toddler trampoline with a 36″ diameter, meaning the surface is enough for young children without being so large that the legs have trouble handling the workload.

On the matter of the legs, they happen to be rubber-tipped meaning this can be as much of an indoor trampoline as it can be an outdoor mini-trampoline. Of course, there’s a protective layer running around the outside of the trampoline, which guards your kids against the steel parts underneath.

The inclusion of the handlebar is also quite welcome as it helps the little ones maintain stability. This one is a bit special though as it features a bit of a trapezoid shape and is even height-adjustable to cater to its users specifically.

You should also note that the material used for the jump mat features water resistance, no slipping, elasticity, and the firmness needed to allow kids to exercise while protecting their legs.

Finally, assembly is a breeze. It takes less than 10 minutes to have the whole thing put together after removing it from its box. Should you feel the need to store it away, this is even more straightforward.


  • Attractive visual style
  • Indoor trampoline and outdoor trampoline in a single design
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and adjustable handlebar design
  • Two ways to attach the handlebar
  • Durable materials used in the composition
  • Respectable weight limit
  • Easy assembly and easier store
  • Very affordable


  • Handlebar grip starts to deteriorate relatively quickly

2. The Original Toy Company Trampoline (Best for Safety)

This is one of the best mini trampolines for kids if you’re dealing with a household with a mixed bag of bigger and smaller children. It has a weight limit of 150 pounds, which is quite conducive to different body types.

Aesthetically, the style is not too far removed from a standard circular toddler trampoline as it features a round jumping surface with a handlebar affixed to the design. It also happens to be easy to assemble, only requiring you to unfold it upon arrival.

Springs are often a concern in a mini trampoline for kids, as they can present quite the injury risk. However, these are forgone here, with the manufacturer opting for some heavy-duty elastic straps instead. You may be wondering why a bungee cord design wasn’t chosen instead.

While bungee cords have proven themselves to be a great alternative, most toddler trampolines endure heavy use, which means the said cords end up breaking within a year of use. There are certainly exceptions, but avoiding their use completely is another solution.

There’s no surprise that this mini trampoline meets and even exceeds all ASTM safety standards. On that note, a circular safety pad is included that attaches with ease.

Being a 36″ diameter trampoline, along with the weight limit alluded to above explains why both younger and older children can have fun jumping on this one.


  • The appealing color scheme for the children
  • Well-implemented safety features
  • Accommodates younger and older kids
  • Very generous weight limit
  • Durable product
  • Six legs for greater stability
  • Wide jumping surface
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be folded, stored, and transported


  • The folding process requires two people, as well as unscrewing of the legs and safety bar
  • The strong chemical smell when opening the box for the first time upon arrival
  • Handle sometimes gets loose
  • Frequent adjustments are required to the jumping surface with heavy use

3. Pure Fun Kids Jumper Mini Trampoline (Best for Stability)

Yet again, here’s a trampoline for kids that doesn’t use a spring system. Instead, bungee cords are implemented in the construction to create a safer experience. You’re going to notice that Pure Fun opted for a rounded handle instead of the traditional straight one. The idea here was to create an ergonomic design conducive to greater comfort.

A square-shaped design is used for the jump mat with each side measuring 38″. Of course, that’s a generous enough size to make for an excellent baby trampoline. Safety standards are no concern as this unit bears certifications from ASTM, CE, and TUV/GS.

Assembly is a bit of a slippery slope. On the one hand, Pure Fun aimed to create the best mini trampoline for kids that is easy enough to assemble. It’s not hard to see that in the simplistic design as well as the way the instruction set is put together.

On the other hand, it’s a toss-up whether you’re going to be able to understand the instructions easily or not. Your best bet if you’re having trouble is to watch an existing video that someone else has done on putting it together. While you don’t need any crazy tools, you at least want to have a screwdriver handy.

Back on a more positive note, this one is suited to both indoor and outdoor use, and neither presents any safety or usability worries. This is particularly true when you consider that the sturdy steel frame is cushioned.


  • Aesthetically unique design
  • Indoor and outdoor trampoline
  • The curved safety bar is conducive to tremendous comfort
  • 75 lb weight capacity is more than sufficient for toddlers
  • Padded frame for injury prevention
  • Sturdy build quality
  • A small trampoline requires little space


  • Assembly instruction difficulty is highly subjective and can range from a 25-minute slog to an hour-long affair requiring multiple persons

4. SportsPower BouncePro Toddler Trampoline with Handlebar – My First Trampoline (Most Toddler Aesthetic Appeal)

Before diving into the specifics of this trampoline for kids, it can be a bit confusing to separate the different BouncePro models. First, BouncePro is a line of trampolines from SportsPower. Within that line, there’s the My First Trampoline model.

This one is the only BouncePro design that doesn’t feature a safety enclosure net. The trampoline features a handlebar and can appear in a standard, Batman, Superman, or Wonderwoman style. The review here is speaking to that model only.

To start, you’re getting a 36″ diameter to let your kid jump in peace with enough space for you not to need to worry. It’s a small trampoline form factor, meaning it’s only suitable for one child.

Nevertheless, it does have a respectable weight capacity, as it sits at 220 lbs. It’s very unlikely that any toddler is going to use even half of that. The weight limit would imply that it’s more than a trampoline for toddlers.

If you have bigger kids, then they can take advantage of this higher weight capacity. However, they may not be as comfortable with the jumping mat as the younger ones would be.

Note that this unit also happens to be one of the best toddler trampolines for indoor and outdoor use. It also happens to be very conducive to movement and transport.

Some kid trampolines are way more attractive to the little ones, thanks to aesthetic design choices. It’s to be expected that one featuring designs from top superheroes falls into that category. Even if your child doesn’t care for the superhero designs, the colors available in the standard ones mean there has to be something appealing.

Finally, the inclusion of a handlebar, edge padded mat, and stable legs make for a safe and sturdy experience, which is particularly important for outdoor trampolines.


  • Tremendous design variety
  • The generously sized jumping surface
  • Incredibly high weight limit
  • Galvanized steel frame composition
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly portable


  • Screw arches may not line up with screw holes without applying some force

5. Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk with Enclosure Net (Best for All-around Fun)

This Skywalker toddler trampoline is well regarded for its inclusion of a basketball hoop, which means that the amount of fun your kids can have is dialed all the way up. If you’re looking for a small indoor trampoline, this is not the one. It happens to be one of the larger outdoor trampolines on this list.

Skywalker trampolines are often large and innovative in their designs, and they also cater to the safety and well-being of both younger and older children. The unit exceeds all ASTM standards, which means you don’t need to worry about the little ones being in danger as they have fun.

A safety net forms a part of the design too and it runs around the entire circumference of the jumping surface. The diameter can measure anywhere from 8′ to 17′. When you are ready to purchase one of these Skywalker trampolines, you indicate your size preference.

Additionally, you can bring an aesthetic flair from a color standpoint too, as solid color choices and beautiful patterns are available.

The weight capacity here funs from 17 5 to 250 lbs and heavily depends on the size you opted for. You can have two kids share this one, provided their total weight falls below the indicated maximum.


  • Wide enough to be shared by multiple children
  • Suitable for children ages 3 and up.
  • Can endure heavy use
  • Safety netting present on the outside
  • Generous weight limit
  • The highly fun experience between the jumping and use of the hoop
  • Good welds and galvanized steel frame
  • Foam padded poles


  • Unlike outdoor mini trampolines, this one requires a lot of space
  • The Assembly process can be a bit difficult to get through
  • Pole padding slowly fades in color

6. Galt Nursery Trampoline (Best for Kids Below 3 Years)

As far as its intended audience goes, this is one of the most unique toddler trampolines. Indoor trampolines for kids often indicate that they’re meant to be used by kids 3 years old and over. However, this one is suited for kids as low as 1 year old.

What makes it a superb first trampoline for them is its very small footprint. Your standard mini trampolines tend to be small, but this one only has a 27.5″ diameter. You may say that translates to inadequate jump mat real estate.

However, remember that you’re dealing with kids who just hit the 1-year-old mark. The last thing you want is a wide toddler trampoline with a lot of bounce as things can get dangerous on that front.

The best kids trampolines for these little ones are those that occupy a little space, have a handle, and allow them to have fun without catapulting them into the air. This unit has all those boxes checked.

The weight limit sits at 44 lbs, which means you are likely going to need a bigger indoor or outdoor trampoline for your child within one or a couple of years of buying this one. It’s meant for an initial experience and not for the long there.


  • Incredibly lightweight toddler trampoline that makes it very easy to move
  • Color designs are meant to be attractive to small children
  • Incredibly safe experience
  • Very soft handle feel for comfortable gripping
  • Can accommodate very young children


  • 44 lb weight limit means replacement is imminent
  • The bouncing surface can fray away from the frame

7. Galt Junior Trampoline (Best for Convenient Storage)

Here is one of the top toddler trampolines for those looking for a unit that can easily be moved for indoor and outdoor use. It’s not necessarily the most visually appealing unit in the world, but it isn’t repulsive enough to be a problem. The use of multicolored stars on the red border may just end up being incredibly attractive to your child.

It features an easy-grip handle, which should make it both comfortable to hold and very safe for your child to use. Note that the maximum weight limit here is 55 lbs, which means it’s designed to be a trampoline for toddlers only and not one that caters to bigger children.

So, though it may indicate suitability for children 3 years and over, you do want to err on the side of caution and remain within the prescribed weight boundaries.

Bungee cords are used to support the trampoline but you don’t need to worry about your child stepping on them as there’s a padded cover bordering the mat.

For storage, you can simply unscrew the handle and fold the legs down. This allows for a vertical storage style.


  • Endures long-term use well
  • Light level of bounciness for greater safety
  • Foldable for very efficient storage
  • The padded cover obscures and protects bungee cord placement
  • Small footprint during use


  • Assembly can present a huge challenge
  • The finish on some of the metal parts is not the best

8. Langxun 5′ Trampoline for Kids (Best Model with an Enclosure Net)

Langxun set out to create the best toddler trampoline it possibly could by upgrading this design in several ways over its previous iteration.

First, there’s the safety enclosure net. It used to be inside the frame and cap the amount of space the activity area has. By putting the safety net on the outside, it expands the said activity area, leading to a much less restricted experience.

Next, springs are now included to replace the previous velcro band setup. With this improvement, a greater weight capacity is achieved. Currently, this design can handle 220 lbs, which is even enough for adults.

The entry area was previously characterized by an arc zipper. Now, an L-shaped zipper has been implemented, making it safer for kids to enter and leave the unit.

Additionally, the gap that previously existed between the enclosure net and the jumping mat is now non-existent. There used to be a concern that kids could get stuck between the said gap, but evidently, that concern was a thing of the past.

Durability is an undeniable staple in the mix. Apart from the superior spring design, polypropylene sits at the center of the jumping surface. This means that it has built-in UV protection and tremendous strength.

You can get a basketball hoop or a reversible dartboard with each purchase. While it is a fun addition to have, the size of the trampoline puts a damper on the experience. Considering, the frame has a 5′ diameter, the actual jumping surface has quite a bit less.

The final upside here is the fact that the unit is good for both indoor use and outdoor use.


  • An enclosure net and L-shaped zipper mean greater safety
  • Attractive design
  • Outdoor and indoor use supported
  • A basketball hoop or reversible dartboard included for fun
  • Highly durable
  • Tools for assembly included
  • Incredible weight capacity


  • Jumping surface size makes using the hoop and dartboard less fun than it could be
  • Assembly can take some time
  • The zipper is a bit on the flimsy side

9. Skybound Toddler Trampoline (Best Flexibility and Rust Resistance)

This kids’ trampoline is suited for both outdoor and indoor use. The multipurpose capability comes from the design choice to use rubberized tips at the legs. Therefore, not only is there a sturdy feeling on the outside, but there’s also a non-slip feel indoors and there’s no need to worry about your floor getting destroyed.

The composition also happens to be rust-resistant. So, there’s no need for you to worry about rust damage from its being outside

As is the case with many other models of this style, a handlebar is included to create a safer experience for the little ones. The bar happens to be foam-covered too, which means it feels great to hold. It’s best suited for children ages 3-6 years, provided that they are within the 100 lb weight limit.

Note, however, that as children get bigger, the bar can become a bit of a hazard. When your child becomes about 4 years old, you may want to consider removing the bar before the child continues using the unit. Of course, this is an incredibly straightforward process to carry out.

There’s an undeniable physical appeal that this one is going to have with your little ones. Whether you choose the red or the blue design, the colors are meant to pop out and they also inspire creativity tremendously.


  • Solid color choices present imaginative designs
  • Can be an outdoor or indoor trampoline
  • Rust resistant
  • Quite flexible and resistant to breaks
  • Small footprint


  • Assembly requires both time and sufficient strength
  • Handlebar becomes a hazard for bigger children

10. Bazoongi Mini Handlebar Trampoline (Best Height Adjustable Handlebar)

Not all toddler trampolines master the art of simple elegance visually, but this one has done an amazing job. Some of the best mini trampolines appeal to people because of a host of visual tropes being present in their design, which aims to achieve a “wow” factor.

What you’re getting here is a simple blue and grey/silver aesthetic that comes together quite nicely. This is complemented by the SereneLife jumping mat that comprises heavy-duty polypropylene.

It has a 36″ diameter, which should be suitable for most toddlers. Note that this falls under the umbrella of indoor trampolines just as it does outdoor ones. This is largely due to the inclusion of rubber-tipped legs.

The frame cover and handlebar are padded for a comfortable experience. Additionally, a bungee cord design is used, forgoing the springs and providing greater safety while contributing to satisfying enjoyment.

If you’re concerned about storing your mini trampoline, then you can stop worrying with this one in your arsenal. it happens to be foldable. Therefore, you can store and transport it without encountering too much difficulty.

As far as weight capacity goes, this is a toddler trampoline that can accommodate a maximum of 150 lbs. Its sturdiness is reinforced by the decision to include six legs instead of the usual four.


  • Straightforward assembly process
  • The handlebar is comfortable and also allows for generous height adjustability
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Suitable to be an outdoor or indoor trampoline
  • Easy to fold away or move around


  • Cover can start to rip away relatively quickly
  • Regular cleaning is needed if left outside

11. Little Tikes Toddler Trampoline (Best for Younger Toddlers)

The first appealing factor here is that this is a specially designed trampoline for kids 3 to 6 years old. While some of the others can accommodate younger kids, they’re often not necessarily built for them. With a 3′ footprint, there’s no mistaking who the intended audience is.

The indoor trampoline requires no complicated assembly. It’s already prebuilt and you need only unfold it when you’re ready to start using it. Being a foldable toddler trampoline also means that storage is no inconvenience at all when the time comes to put this one away. It’s also a pretty light unit, so moving it presents no challenge.

The risk of injury with this Little Tikes trampoline is quite low as it has a large jumping surface for a toddler. However, it’s best suited to only one child if you want to take full advantage of that. Safety is even less of a worry when you consider the inclusion of the handlebar.

Note that the maximum weight limit is 55 lbs. While this should be fine for most toddlers, it’s something you want to bear in mind as you think about purchasing the trampoline.

As far as durability goes, a blend of plastic and metal parts helps to keep the trampoline sturdy while retaining its light feel.


  • Incredibly easy to assemble
  • The suitable weight limit for most toddlers
  • Low injury risk
  • The trampoline mat has a generous diameter
  • Easy to store away
  • Best indoor trampoline
  • Support bar built into the legs
  • Non-slip rubber feet


  • The built-in legs and handlebar are unsuitable and require an upgrade
  • The cover sometimes slides off and needs to be pulled into position over the frame again
  • The handlebar can be a bit wobbly

12. Jump2It Kids Double Trampoline (Best Dual-user Design)

While this technically counts as a mini-trampoline based on its size, it still manages to be able to accommodate two children. Unlike the other models featuring circular and rectangular trampolines so far featuring handlebars, this one doesn’t have the bar-mounted to one side.

Additionally, the shape here is more akin to an oval. The bar is mounted across the center. The intention is that both users of the kids’ trampoline are going to be on either side of the bar.

The appeal here is definitely to parents who need something solid that probably doesn’t take up a crazy amount of space and can support the children whether they choose to jump together or not.

Apart from getting in the required physical activity, the mini-trampoline allows them to bond through playtime, which is also an essential part of growing together.

Though it has rubber-tipped legs, it’s recommended that you use this one indoors. The non-slip feet are specially designed to anchor themselves to whatever floor surface you may have. Additionally, these compact trampolines for kids are typically meant to fit into internal spaces that are not necessarily too welcoming to larger builds.

There’s no question about durability considering the implementation of heavy-duty metal springs, a polypropylene jumping mat, and the metal frame and handle.

The maximum weight capacity is 180 lbs and considering that it’s meant to be for kids between 3 and 5 years old, that should be more than enough for them to bounce around happily.


  • Built to accommodate two children
  • Generous weight limit
  • Sturdy design
  • Small footprint
  • Handlebar present for stability


  • Not a portable or foldable design
  • Assembly is not straightforward

Buying Guide Considerations for Toddler Trampolines

Even with a list of some of the best toddler trampolines on the market, it’s still not so easy to pick one out. You must understand the areas you should focus on before you make commit to any buying decisions.

Note that this selection is not exhaustive and they may not all matter to you when you want to purchase trampolines. It’s more of a general list of things that tend to bear some relevance in the equation.


Kid trampolines can be very small. However, they can also be incredibly large. What’s important is that you evaluate the amount of space you can reasonably dedicate to one. The last thing you want is to buy one and not have the space to capitalize on it.

An indoor mini trampoline tends to be a lot smaller than an outdoor one. Nevertheless, you never know how deceptive these sizes can be. Instead of eyeballing it, pay attention to the measurements and verify that you have the space.


This is more of a personal preference than it is a limiting factor. As you can see from the collection of the best toddler trampolines above, the shapes can be round, rectangular, or even an elongated oval.

If you can, this is a good time to involve your child in the decision. A kids’ trampoline is that much more appreciated when the person using it genuinely loves it. So, why not have your child indicate which shape is preferred.


Factoring cost into the equation is a no-brainer. Even if you fall in love with what you think is the best mini trampoline in the world, it doesn’t help if you can’t afford to buy it.

Always start these kinds of things by setting a realistic budget. You may want to consider setting a soft budget and a hard budget. The soft budget indicates an amount you would prefer not to go over. The hard one is based on the maximum amount you can afford.

You don’t need to buy the cheapest kids’ trampoline in the budget nor do you need to snag the most expensive one. Instead, try to go for the one with the most features that appeal to you within the cost bracket.


A trampoline tends to have two essential weight-based metrics. The first is the weight of the unit itself. This typically doesn’t matter too much unless it’s a mini trampoline and you need to be able to move it around easily enough.

The second metric is its weight capacity. The last thing you want is to buy a trampoline and your child is too heavy for it. Pay attention to the maximum weight figures and ensure that your child can be adequately supported.

It may also be in your best interest to leave as much wiggle room as possible. So if your child is 50 lbs, buying a unit with a 75 lb max weight is a much better idea than buying one with a 55 lb max weight.

Outdoor Vs Indoor Trampoline

Are you looking for the best indoor trampoline or the best outdoor one? Thinking about where you plan on putting it is essential. If you have plans to alternate between the two, buy one that can accommodate either place.

If not, buy one that’s designed for your intended use case. For example, if you only intend to have the unit used indoors, then buy an indoor trampoline.


With all the information here today, it should be that much easier for you to choose the best toddler trampoline. Realistically, this is heavily based on personal preferences.

However, using the considerations above as a guide, the LBLA 36″ Toddler Trampoline takes the cake for offering the best experience overall.

It has a standard 3′ footprint, which is great internally and even better outdoors. Additionally, the cost is well balanced, it supports placement anywhere, and it accommodates a respectable 132 lbs.

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